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About Knitted Fabrics


Knitted fabric is a fabric formed by connecting loops with each other. Knitted fabrics have good elasticity, moisture absorption, breathability, comfort and warmth. The raw materials are mainly natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool. There are also chemical fiber knitted fabrics such as nylon, acrylic and polyester. The structure of the knitted fabric is rich, the variety is wide, and the appearance With the development of the knitting industry and the birth of new finishing processes, the wearability of knitted fabrics has been greatly improved.

Knitted fabrics have good elasticity, and can minimize the seams, gathers, and splices designed for modeling in the template design. Secondly, knitted fabrics are generally not suitable to use the techniques of return and exfoliation, but to use the elasticity of the fabric itself or the appropriate use of folds to fit the body curve. Then the stretchability of the fabric becomes an important basis for the design and production of the model.

The final model of woven clothing is generally larger than the area required to wrap the human body, that is, there is a certain amount of looseness relative to the human body; while knitted clothing depends on the fabric structure used, if the fabric with special elasticity (and the use of The yarn is related to the organizational structure.) Not only does it leave no looseness when designing the template, its sample size can be the same as the human girth size, or it can be reduced by considering the coefficient of elasticity.

The curling of knitted fabrics is the phenomenon of edge fabric wrapping caused by the disappearance of stress in the edge loops of the fabric. Hemming is the shortcoming of knitted fabrics. It can cause uneven seams of garment pieces or size changes of garment edges, and ultimately affect the overall shape of the garment and the size of the garment. But not all knitted fabrics have hemming properties, but only fabrics with individual weaves such as weft jerseys. For this kind of fabric, you can pull the edges and insert ribs by adding sizes when designing the pattern. Or piping and inlaying adhesive interlinings on the edge of the garment. The hemming of some knitted fabrics has been eliminated during the finishing process of the fabric, avoiding the trouble of designing the model.

It needs to be pointed out that many designers can use the fabric's curling property to design it on the neckline and cuffs of the model based on the understanding of the fabric performance, so that the clothing has a special appearance style, which is refreshing. Especially in the knitting of shaped clothing, it can also use its curling to form unique patterns or dividing lines.

Knitted fabrics are different from woven fabrics in style and characteristics. The style of clothing should not only emphasize the advantages of the fabrics, but also overcome its shortcomings. Due to the dispersibility of individual knitted fabrics, when designing and making patterns, please pay attention not to use too many exaggerated techniques for some knitted fabrics. Try not to design roads and cutting lines as much as possible. The stitching should not be too many to prevent knitting loops. It will affect the wearability of the clothing, and the simple and soft lines should be used in harmony with the soft fit style of knitwear.

Yacheng Knitting Co., Ltd. can mass produce customized high-quality knitted garments, including sweaters, Custom Knit Sweaters, Knitted Pants, Knitted Skirt, Knitted Shoes, Knitted Scarves and Knitting Blanket. If you need to order knitted products, please contact us.

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