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Can Cashmere Sweater Dry Clean?

In Autumn and winter, woolen sweaters are very popular. Many people like to wear cashmere sweaters to keep warm. Good quality woolen sweaters are very warm. Many people asked whether the Cashmere Sweater can be customized dry cleaning? In fact, When washing clothes, wearing a good quality cashmere sweaters and underwear can not be dry-cleaned. Because these clothes are worn close to the body, special cleaning products should be selected when cleaning woolen sweaters to avoid chemicals that damage the skin.

Can a good quality cashmere Sweater be used to purchase cashmere sweaters for dry cleaning? The answer is: No.

Why can't a good-quality cashmere sweater purchase sweater dry cleaning? According to cashmere sweater customization professionals collect and test data show: on the market detergent, detergent, washing powder, etc. all add powerful washing functions, materials, which contains There are: surfactants, detergents, stabilizers, etc. that can be cleaned, softened, and anti-static. Surfactants can damage the stratum corneum of the skin. However, it can cause rough skin. Strong detergents can damage the human body in alkaline substances . Cell membranes, organochlorines, and fluorescent agents are toxic substances in brighteners. Cashmere sweaters should be selected for such simple functions when washing, detergent additives and less odor. In the function of dry cleaners to purchase quality cashmere sweaters, we cannot ensure that they use detergents. Perhaps our cashmere sweaters and some dust cannot be washed off by ourselves and can only be sent to the dry cleaners for dry cleaning. The po llution of dry cleaning comes mainly from the volatilization of organic solvents. And dry-cleaning solvents for tetrachloroethylene are mainly trichloroethylene, and these two solvents have enough damage to the body and can damage health.

Wash cashmere, cashmere underwear choose special cleaning products, in addition to avoid the purchase of chemical damage to the skin and laundry detergent, but also pay attention to some errors in the cashmere sweater custom products:

1. excessive use of detergent

Many consumers believe that the role of the clothes is too dirty to remove a large amount of detergent completely, in fact the right amount of water and detergent to wash the quality of cashmere sweaters is directly proportional to the purchase, only in the role of cleanliness , the proportion of proportions and injuries, excessive use of detergents, Residual detergents on clean clothes cause irritation to the skin and cause allergic symptoms.

2. personal clothing and dry cleaning

Many people think that good dry cleaning, facial cleansing milk will reduce the life of cashmere products, it is not true, it also said that the danger of dry cleaning, cashmere sweater custom tips for personal clothing dry cleaning detergent use of tetrachloroethylene, gasoline, such as laundry, Think about how much damage the body knows, after dry cleaning the clothes dry before the chemical detergent evaporates, but if there is not a lot of detergent rinsed, leading to physical illness.

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